Monday, July 16, 2012

New TV Stand

Okay, so I have loved interior design since I was little, not that I knew it was called that back than, and I love all the projects I see on Pinterest. So I decided that I was sick of the glass desk we were using for a TV stand down stairs and that it was time for a change. So I brought my dresser in my room down to the porch and started sanding. I was silly and forgot to take a before picture, but I have a picture of one of the drawers I didn't redo so that will have to count for something.

So there it is--in all its glory! It is from the 1950's or '60's. It was probably once a nice off-white color, but had turned an aged yellow, but not in the cute vintage way. The handle was a discolored brass that scared me.

Silver spray paint wins again! I want to get some nice crystal knobs, but I am being picky so I sprayed them and they look much better now.

I picked a color called "Teal Lake" from Walmart because everything else was closed when I decided to randomly start this project. I choose teal because I wanted to brighten up my living room. It has a big window in it, but we always leave it covered cause we don't really want all the neighbors watching me dance Zumba.

Oh la la, here are the drawers. I painted the grooves in them black (which was kind of pain, but I love that it worked out). I am pretty sure that they look 105% better than they did before, and the spray painted knobs as well. 

Okay, so it is starting to look better. Now you might ask where the middle set of drawers are. Good question! The right side was broken so I came up with this great idea to turn them into shelves and put baskets there (than I could put all of Justin's Xbox remotes somewhere so I don't trip on them). So I broke the left side and went down to Lowes and bought some plywood and I had them cut it for me. I came home nailed it and there you have it! 

And I finished it! Now in this picture, with the light shining on it it looks more sky blue, but I swear it is teal. I went and found the baskets at Target and made sure to vacuum out any cobwebs (eek spiders). My living room feels brighter and bigger now. Overall I spent about $60 on everything and had a fun time doing it (the baskets are what ate my budget)! Now I just need to start on my coffee table and re-do my pillows to match! Alas, I am now on the hunt for a new dresser for my bedroom that I can redo! Time to find some good yard sales! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a busy life!

My life has been so chaotic lately! Working and going to school can be so stressful. I am just crossing my fingers that I pass my math class. So the sad news is Snowball (the car) died last week. So Justin and I are on the look out for a new car--maybe even something with A/C. How cool would that be! I haven't ever owned one with that...which is crazy living in St. George. I am thinking about getting a summer job or spending time reading by the pool offered at our apartment complex.
Last weekend My mom, Sisters, Justin and myself waited in line opening day to watch "Hunger Games." No one listened to me that we should go about two hours early to sit in line. We went an hour early and were towards the back of the line. I plan to go see it again this weekend and take my dad to it since he is a fan too.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Oh, how so much happens so fast. I can not believe that another year has passed and a lot has happened since last the last time I wrote on this blog. I had a wonderful wedding in September (don't worry I am going to put some pictures up of that), got an apartment, and taking more classes at Dixie State College. I had thought about writing a Christmas letter of my own, but it was a busy season at work so I never got around to it. We have over 1000 pictures of the wedding and so I have only chose some to put and though I am not much of scrapbooker I will probably starting make some cute and artsy wedding album.

Why I love this picture is because most people are not looking at the camera which is what happens when you have a bunch of kids (with older kids trying to get them to look at the camera) in a picture and I wouldn't change it.
Now I will let you know that I am short, but not that short. Laura is wearing heels, something I never do, thus why I wore moccasins to my wedding.
And what would a nice picture be without a silly one. I think Laura is trying to be a raptor or some kind of strange dinosaur.
Justin doesn't like being in pictures so he kind of ran away when it was picture time. I am looking at the pictures and thinking, man I hope people don't think this is my sweet sixteen or something. So this picture is one with him in it...usually he just covers his face with his hat.
This is my lovely bouquet that my cousin, Danielle, made for me. Yellow/orange roses and sunflowers--my favorite. I guess it is a new trend to take a picture of the rings with the bouquet. I didn't realize the work that goes into planning and executing a wedding.
This is my beautiful cake (I felt bad cutting it) that Kayleen, my coworker, made for me. I couldn't have been more pleased with the way it looked. It also tasted very good. Chocolate with real raspberry filling. The only thing better would have been cheesecake, but I didn't think that cheesecake and fondant would taste great together.
And here are the children. When I went looking for place to have the wedding is was a big deal for me to find a place that would be kid friendly. I wanted my whole wedding to be that way. As much as I love formal events I know that kids hate it (unless its a tea party for little girls). Plus I knew that it if went with formal it would be a really small wedding and I wanted all the people I care about there.

And we can still not get the red paint off of Snowball, which made Justin sad. I told him we should have taken the motorcycle, but oh well, we will just have to buy another care eventually and now we can just be one of those cars that everyone in town is like "Woah, have you seen that Geo Metro with red writing on it! So cool!" or so we hope. The best part was that in the morning my cousin, Spencer asks me if we liked the confetti that came out of the air conditioning vents. I replied with a "I didn't know that was there" and Justin ran out to the car to check it out. They had put the air on full blast, but it never went off on us the night before when driving to the hotel, which is for the best because it probably would have scared the crap out of us. So now I am still finding it in the car. Poor Snowball.
One of my favorite things, that we didn't even intend on doing, was staying in the same hotel as all of the relatives and getting to go eat breakfast with them and say goodbye. I would recommend that to anyone planning a wedding. It is so chaotic the night before that saying goodbye is a blur and you barely remember who all was even at your wedding. Plus I was so hungry and tired. I am glad we had a wedding, but I am very much glad that it is all behind us and we can move on in life.
We went to downtown Salt Lake City for our honeymoon and it was a blast. Went out for sushi and shopping--I really didn't want it to end. The funniest part to me was that I hardly ever want Taco Bell and when we stopped in Ceder City I turned to Justin and said "Please stop at Taco Bell. I am so hungry!" I had been so nervous about everything going right (downside of planning your own wedding) that I hadn't eaten much.
We moved into a nice apartment in the center of town which great cause I can walk to the college and Justin is closer to work. I am taking math and anthropology (which is finally being offered down here). I am excited about that, not so much math. Homework takes up a lot of time and so does working full time, but it will all be worth it someday, right? Haha. In about a year and half we are going to move up north so that I can go into Interior Design and Justin is going to finish up some classes so that he can get into the PharmD program at University of Utah. It will be cold, but I think it will be fun to be close to some family since everyone moved away from St. George.
I also turned 22 a week or so ago. We went to eat Habachi with my sisters, mom, and Sandra, my friend since the 7th grade.

Of course Justin knows that we are taking a picture so he pretends to be some kind of crazy man eating Asian food.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Okay so I know I haven't been on this for awhile, but I have some awesome news and I figured that some people don't have facebook so I'll have to say it on here too. On 9/9/10 I got engaged to Justin Williamson! :) I am super happy, excited, and giddy!
Love, Janae

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Year

So I haven't wrote on this for awhile and I felt like doing it goes. I can't believe I am twenty now! I have moved out of student housing and into a house with some girls. I am almost done moving into there and I'll put my address up when I know it (as well as pictures). I am almost done paying off my laptop which makes me happy. Work has been pretty good for me. I got a raise recently and will be getting another one in May (which will be my second year at Barnes and Noble). I really love being the Kid's lead. I get to pick story time and plan Fancy Nancy parties.
My favorite book is the Hunger Games. I have probably hand sold 700 copies of joke (I even made Danielle read it cause Cynthia bought it for her for Christmas). The third (and last) book of this series comes out in August and because it is a teen book I am in charge of the Midnight release party, plus all of my plans for it will be used for the other Barnes and Noble stores...So I am kind of nervous.

I also have a boyfriend, Justin, who is nerdy like me. I met him at Barnes and Noble. We have been dating for almost a year now. He's really funny and nice. He is getting his associates degree of Science at the end of this semester. I am still going to college, just not this semester. I am going for English, but I would really like something more along the lines of Creative writing for a degree. (He didn't know I was taking a picture so he is watching TV)

Laura is doing well and I think she is feeling excited to be 18 and almost out of high school. She is also in another play, but I can't remember what it is called. Carol Ann has arthritis, which sucks, and she hates it. She has to take meds for it. The cold really hurts it right now, but hopefully it wont be so painful for her in the summer. On a more positive note, she is turning 16 soon and we are renting a big space to have a Sweet Sixteen party for her. It is going to be formal dress and dancing to her favorite music. Cynthia is liking school, which she must because she gets up at 6 each day so that she can ride the public city bus so that she can go to Fossil Ridge (instead of the one she is suppose to go to according to boundaries). She really likes football, but she is become a really girly preteen. She puts curliers in her hair every night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My new place

Okay so this is well overdue. I totally moved out and it rocks. I live with two of my best friends from high school and two other girls. It is a lot fun. Okay so hear are some pictures.This is my living room. I have a freaking brick wall lol!
and this is the other side of the living room. I love that bean bag!This is my kitchen...dont look to close cause it is kinda messy lolalrighty the bathroom area! woot! look its me...

Last but not least is my awesome side of the bedroom. Please admire my harry potter poster.

Okay so now you have seen it! haha. Work is going well too. I just bought a laptop that is totally awesome and now I am saving to buy a car. I also am working on a novel and my goal is to finish it by the end of 2009! Yippy! School is good. I am just taking the stupidest computer class. I am reading a lot. I read like four to five books a week. It's fun! I totally got a hair cut today too. Well I will try and post more now seeing as I have a lap top now.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of new things

Alright, I will start with the best news first. I got a job promotion! I am now the manager of the children's department at Barnes and Noble! I alsogot a raise for it too! I also move out the day before my birthday and I ampretty excited. I will be living with my awesome friends: Sandra and Kathy.

Thanksgiving was a pretty fun event this year. My dad came to visit for the first time since he moved. We ate at his friend's, Terry, house. His two sons are Cynthia's best friends. I also went to Jeremy's Thanksgiving Dinner. I am basically part of there family now. Jeremy's nefew, Jackson, was there too. He is just the cutest little boy and he can finally say my name now (although he has a hard time saying it like most children do). Me, Laura, and Carol Ann took a lot of pictures (Cynthia had already gone over to Terry's house to play).

Oh, I have also redone the pink in my hair so that is more bold and bright. I love it! My dad was not so sure about it though. I am pretty excited for Christmas. I sorta plan on just buying books for people because I have so many good recommendations. Speaking of which this is an awesome book I just finished a few days ago.

The Hunger Games
by Suzanna Collins
America no longer exists. In its place is a new,
very contr
olling government. There is the capital and thirteen
icts. Eventually the districts rebel against the capital in an
pt to earn freedom. They lose and the capital wipes out
ict thirteen. The Hunger Games are put in place, as a
der to the people of who is in charge. From each district
a boy and girl is chose
n to be tributes to the games. They are
put in an arena
where they fight to the death--the last one to live
wins the games
Just give it a chance. I promise it is full of adventure and keeps you
up at night thinking about it and what might happen next. It feels
so real that you feel like you are in the games too trying to survive!
If you do end up reading it please (I beg you) tell me what you think
of it! Thanks!


"I couldn't stop reading...Addictive..."
-Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly Review
Read Full EW Revie
http://www. ew. com/ew/article/0,,20223443,00. html

"I was so obses
sed with this book I had to take it with me out to dinner and hide it under the edge of the table so I wouldn't have to stop reading. The story kept me up for several nights in a row, because even after I was finished, I just lay in bed wide awake thinking about it...The Hunger Games is amazing."
-Stephenie Meyer, author of The Twilight Saga

" close to perfect an adventure novel as I've ever read."
-Rick Riordan, author of The Percy Jackson Series and The 39 Clues